Luxurious Home Uses Wood and Stone Elements to Marry Interiors and Exteriors

Luxurious Home Uses Wood and Stone Elements to Marry Interiors and Exteriors

Although every home exists with both an interior and an exterior, in many cases the two can feel like completely different buildings. However, this home from Portugese architects Anastasia Arquitetos makes every effort to ensure the outside and inside of the home exist in harmony. By utilizing large windows and many natural elements such as local wood and stone, the modern home nestles easily into its wild, almost jungle like surroundings. The effect is beautiful, welcoming and luxurious.

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Immediately from the outside, we see wood slates on every level of the home, blending seamlessly into the wooded surroundings.

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It is only the glow from inside the house that makes the home stand out once the sun goes down.

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The driveway and entryway steps are both paved in textured, natural stone.

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While warm, glowing lights from within even themselves have a feeling of being close to nature.

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The natural wood overhang creates a stylish design element and prevents the home from looking overly boxy despite its angular design.

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Inside, an open floorplan makes the house feel extremely spacious.

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While large sliding doors, windows, and skylights allow sun and air in when it is most convenient and comfortable.

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Interior gardens can easily make you forget you are indoors at all, and when the roof windows open, you really aren’t.

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The furnishings are luxurious in right leathers and upholstery, but the colors stay mostly neutral, keeping attention on the surrounding greenery.

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From the second floor, it is easy to see how open the living area, which includes the dining room as well, really is.

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Deconstructed railings made of vertical boards are stylish while still providing a modicum of safety.

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This playful armchair on an upstairs landing is notable for its use of a decidedly non-natural palette and pattern.

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The expansive patio is truly a centerpiece of the whole rear part of the house.

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Natural wooden boards in a beautiful deep cherry color are almost made into lilypads between the grass in the backyard.

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A simple pool built into the deck all but disappears into the ground.

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Finally, this perfect view of the back of the house with its amazing second floor brings perspective to the whole lovely home.

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