Small Open Plan Home Interiors

Small Open Plan Home Interiors

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When a home measures just a couple hundred feet, adding in a lot of walls and room dividers can wreak havoc and make things feel even smaller. Luckily, the talented designers featured in this post are able to work with these small spaces and their open floor plans. The resulting apartments are still small, but they never feel closed off or cramped.

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The apartment is just 25 square meters (269 square feet).

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The while walls, floors, and furnishings are immediately opening.

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The Scandinavian style includes a vintage refrigerator and cheerfully mismatched dining chairs.

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The empty picture frames are a lovely touch that adds style and texture but keep the walls nearly bare.

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Despite the overwhelming white palette, we still see splashes of color in the sofa’s throw pillows and some graphic art.

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The cow-shaped chalkboard is a whimsical touch but also useful for meal planning and grocery shopping.

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The designers pull dark blue into the entryway with these stunning walls.

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The contrast with the white main room makes it feel even bigger by comparison.

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The bathroom is beautiful in a bright and boisterous teal.

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The white tiled shower may not include a luxury tub, but it’s cozy in its own way.

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Simple chrome accents bring a bit of modernity into this otherwise old-world style.

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Built-in shelving is essential when it comes to living in a small space.

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They even manage to nestle a little washing machine into the small bathroom, much to the consternation of local laundromats.

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A little bit of pattern in the floor gives the space a blast of the bohemian.

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  • Designer: Hai Peng
The second apartment we’re featuring is 66 square meters (710 square feet).

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In the first option, designers use darker colors and a wood beamed ceiling feature. Graphic throw pillows and playful artwork keep things light even against the dark walls and sofa.

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Circular mirrors are a more creative way to expand the space.

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The dark colors spill into the bedroom in this option, as well, with a black textured wall and area rug.

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The second options is a bit lighter and more feminine, with white walls and lighter furnishings.

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There’s no question that the white walls make the space feel bigger.

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In the bedroom, too, the feminine leaning in this design is evident.

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  • Visualizer: Avocado Concept
The third apartment is strikingly minimal compared to the other two.

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White on black on gray is ultimately calming, even in this small space.

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The color scheme carries into the bathroom with its small but luxurious tub.

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From overhead, we can see how small the space really is.

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  • Visualizer: FPCamp
Finally, we’ll look at this quaint, modern apartment from the designers at FPCamp.

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The creative, simple design manages to fit a kitchen, workspace, and even a dining area in a very small space.

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Again we can see the impact of white surfaces on the overall impression of space.

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Each of these apartments is a stylish and simple solution to a small space.

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