Gorgeous Minimalist Home Overlooking the Ocean in Chile

Gorgeous Minimalist Home Overlooking the Ocean in Chile

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With all the different furniture, colors, textiles, and decorations that are available to modern homeowners, it is easy for a beautiful home to get quickly cluttered. This house in the Valparaiso Region of Chile, from Santiago-based LAND Arquitectos, swings forcefully in the other direction. Rather than fill a beautiful home up with knickknacks, minimalist decor is able to let the buildings angles and views shine.

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From the outside, it is already easy to see the appeal of the simple design with the home’s boxy structure, dotted with windows.

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This view from above the house itself gives just a slice of the sweeping views of the Pacific the home offers.

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The native plants chosen for the landscaping give the home’s exterior a perfectly undone look.

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Most of the home is a simple gray concrete. The contrast of carefully chosen wood is a beautiful surprise for this entryway.

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Inside the home, white and wood make up the majority of the design, which makes it that much easier to focus on the tremendous views.

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A minimalist bedroom has its own private balcony and buckets of sunlight.

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The whitewashed wood on the interior walls lends a perfect beachside atmosphere to the stairwell.

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Adding splashes of color in the duvets here makes it easy to swap out, change, or bring back to white at any time.

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More painted wood and a relaxing and simple modern sofa.

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Windows on two sides of this bedroom give a sense of a space that never stops, almost as if you were on a ship at sea.

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A raised desk or counter area behind the bed is a practical addition that doesn’t detract from the room’s simplicity.

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The flat roof aligns with the horizon so even neighbors and passersby can enjoy the spectacular views.

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A simple kitchen provides just enough room for cooking and eating, without tempting you to stay inside too long.

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