Home on Celebrity-studded Oriole Way

Home on Celebrity-studded Oriole Way

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Perched up in a highly sought after “Birds Streets location, looking down over the entire LA basin, this brand new contemporary estate is a place of clean lines and open airy spaces. As you might expect from a home situated in a celebrity hot spot like Oriole Way, this is an impressive piece of architecture that has been designed as a place for luxurious Californian living.

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The first taste of luxury can be had as you immediately enter the home through a grand wooden door surrounding by glass, and are greeted by a designer modern chandelier and an introduction to the collection of artwork by notable and emerging artists in California, which was specially curated by the Michael Kohn Gallery.

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Many walls of the three story home are made from glass in order to soak up that view above Sunset Strip.

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Fleetwood pocket doors allow the exterior spaces to merge with indoor rooms, and bathe the interior with natural light even when closed. The interior was designed by respected design firm In-Ex in close collaboration with the owner of the house, Sean Sassounian, and it’s clear to see that there was absolutely no expense spared.

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The five bedroom, 10 bathroom home is furnished with items from European manufacturers such as Classicon, Arco, Glas Italia, Acerbis, Walter Knoll and Matteo Grassi to name a few.

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The luxury spills into the outdoor spaces, where furniture by Paola Lenti can be found.

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A huge kitchen is kitted out with Gray lacquer DADA units and a dramatic stretch of granite countertop.

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Attached to the kitchen diner is a TV lounge that looks out onto the swimming pool, and a hidden door in the kitchen will lead you to a complete catering kitchen!

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All of the stunning bedrooms in the home feature walk-in closets and en suite bathrooms, and amazing views to boot.

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This huge master bathroom also has views overlooking the canyon. Inside the luxury suite, twin rainfall shower heads adorn the massive central shower cubicle, and twin vanity areas span each wall, almost creating a mirror image in the layout.

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Wine cellar with its own bar.

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Private screening room.

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