Country House in Colombia

Country House in Colombia

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Located on a steep stretch of land that reaches down the side of a hill to the stream “El Cojo”, in the town of Villeta, this Colombian home sits 967 meters above sea level in a hot and dry climate. The brief set out for the architects, Arquitectura en Estudio and Natalia Heredia, called for a three bedroom home that could be completely closed up whenever the owners are not in residence, built over an area of 550 square meters.

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A terrace and a swimming pool were also demands of the architectural brief, and the brief was fulfilled and surpassed: A series of pool patios, sun decks and extensive open-air lounge areas culminate into a vast living space, allowing the homeowners to flow freely and comfortably between luxurious indoor and outdoor living.

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Mountain views can be had from the social spaces and swimming pool patio.

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The exterior timber screen panels close off the home whilst providing a look that is sympathetic with surrounding nature.

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Gardens also find privacy behind the homes wooden casing.

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As you enter the home, a narrow, low entranceway builds curiosity as to what lies ahead, before the dimensions burst open onto the main social area of the home where sweeping views out to the mountains are framed to wow beyond the patio.The main social area appears to almost float on water, thanks to the large water feature at the front entrance and the pool at the back of the property.

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The swimming pool and terrace areas bask in all day long sunshine without any shadow from the house, due to the property being oriented north-south.

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Hand painted pool tiles play on the blue-green colours seen over the nearby forest.

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At the heart of the home an Acacia grows under a void in the roof, this marks out the meeting point of the two main axes of the house.

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Rooms open up towards the mountains, creating spaces that are touched by nature.

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Under a clean horizontal roof-line, the house is completely closed off where it faces the approaching road, giving the dwellers ultimate privacy. The blank facia almost creates an air of mystery around the property, where new visitors and onlookers may wonder what hides inside.

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