Outdoor Dining Furniture Ideas

Outdoor Dining Furniture Ideas

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With the months of spring in our grasp, and the lovely warm months of summer on our minds, were taking a good long look at outdoor furniture sets, like these from Manutti. Outdoor patio furniture is simply a must to make the most of better weather, as it provides numerous opportunities for moving the humdrum of everyday life into the sweet smelling fresh air for a while, where routine dining feels like a holiday experience and friends and family are drawn together into the late hours.

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We’re kicking off our search with wicker furniture. Resin wicker is weather resistant so can be left out for years in the sun, snow and wind thanks to its synthetic polyethylene make-up, unlike regular wicker that would only last about a year out in the elements before it started to break down and lose its beauty. All weather wicker is widely available and looks great when teamed with tables of other materials too.

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Resin wicker chairs come in all manner of shapes and sizes, but check out these armchair style pieces that have been teamed with a wooden table, the look is très chic! With a few extra cushions added to soften the backs of the seating, guests are more likely to linger later for after dinner drinks. Don’t forget to leave a few cozy throws around too, just in case some guests begin to feel the nip of the breeze as the sun goes down. A patio heater is also a handy way to keep guests warm and toasty into chilly evening time, or if you’d like to set a more atmospheric scene, how about an attractive outdoor fireplace or centrally placed fire pit?

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We’re not discovering a brand new idea here, wicker outdoor furniture has been around for a very long time, but it really can look amazingly contemporary when selected in the right silhouette.

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The black seat cushions on these keep things looking sharp and bang up to date.

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The chairs can have a lovely light look, especially in a white finish with a slimline outdoor table.

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Black wicker can look pretty cool too though-team with matching decorative bowls or fruit baskets for a cohesive look. A buffet of colorful summer fruits will zing against the backdrop of a black table too.

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These sets are great for both modern and traditional gardens.

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Outdoor wrought iron furniture has always been a firm favorite, so a dining set of this style is definitely worth consideration when kitting out your garden patio or pool deck. The main draw back however is that these pieces are typically very weighty to move around, so they don’t make a great choice if you commonly move your chairs to follow the last rays of the setting sun.

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Solid and traditional, and elegant in design, these pieces make the perfect place to serve brunch, or sip tea in the sunshine. This chair design has a timeless appeal, and a neat table completes the look perfectly.

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Now, onto teak finish, another sophisticated choice. Sets like these have a laid-back feel whilst retaining a smart edge.

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Teak chairs look warm and inviting, especially when matched up with a teak table.

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This table would even look at home in an interior setting.

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Outdoor dining benches are extremely in vogue right now, and provide a great opportunity for squeezing in a few extra diners at the table.

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Colorful exterior chairs are a fun and bold choice.

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Subtle colors that blend into the surroundings keep things looking clean and uncomplicated.

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A white simple lined set has always looked fresh.

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Don’t forget you can mix and match all manner of colors and materials in a modern setting.

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Surrounding nature can inspire your color palette, like this cool blue ocean scene.

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Orange outdoor chairs will bring sunshine to the dullest of days.

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