Blue and Yellow Home Decor

Blue and Yellow Home Decor

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This fresh home visualization, designed by Alina Puzhak, is seasoned with delicious bites of color from the blue and yellow spectrums, all set against a soft white backdrop. Subtle introductions of pattern have been made throughout the rooms for extra interest, which adds a touch of class amongst modest furniture pieces, many of which are recognisable from budget friendly stores like IKEA.

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The open plan living area is arranged around a central column where a subtle gray console table TV stand is brightened by two sunshine yellow vases at each end. The colorful additions are contrasted by a blue wall clock above the flatscreen TV.

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A bright yellow rug livens up the entire space, and balances out the large area of blue created by the sofa and side table.

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To prevent the scheme from becoming to bold, the footstool is upholstered in a similar shade of serene gray to the sideboard.

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Delicate artwork peppers the wall with additional splashes of cheerful color.

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Louis chairs with blue tufted backs and seats carry the color scheme to the kitchen.

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The true blue and yellow accents of the home transform as they reach the bathroom into aqua and chartreuse statements.

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A center-parted shower curtain makes a theatrical centerpiece of the bath tub and shower.

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The bedroom is a beautiful blend of refreshing color within stunning intricate prints; the effect is a modern vista with a classical elegance, which is enhanced by the traditional silhouettes of the bedside table lamps and the old framed maps above the headboard.

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Smart sliding doors hide away all of the bedroom belongings, so that the look can remain clean and uncluttered.

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A handy little home office area is hidden away from plain sight behind a floor length curtain, so that the days work may be forgotten about when it’s time to rest.

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