Atmospheric Room Designs

Atmospheric Room Designs

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Here we are featuring one big mix-up of atmospheric room designs, all starring in works of photography taken through the lens of Italian photographer Lorenzo Pennati. Deep contrasts of light and shade play over these contemporary home setups, resulting in dramatic scenes of modern décor.

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This dreamy scene is a serene bedroom design captured as the sun goes down over the city. The open plan en suite allows the panoramic views to be soaked up whilst under the bubbles in the bath tub. The freestanding tub stands upon the same herringbone wood planking floor arrangement as the rest of the bedroom for an uncomplicated flow through effect.

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Skylights open up this roof, creating a home situated greenhouse for the houseplants below it.

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An eclectic dining area flanks a small kitchen island, pushed into the peak of bright dual aspect windows.

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Minimalistic furniture offers little in the way of home comfort in the this living room, but the slope of the shadowy peaked roof adds interest to the space.

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Huge patio doors create an indoor outdoor living space when the an patio space lying tandem to the plush lounge arrangement. The wooden interior doors and ceiling treatment reflect the light and bring a mature dimension to the décor. The modular sofa setup has an integrated coffee table, making this a perfect chill out place to enjoy a coffee and a book without ever having to move a muscle!

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The chrome base of the oval coffee table results in a mirrored effect, reflecting the plush area rug beneath.

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Soft textures promote a look and feel of comfort in this detailed lounge décor.

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A huge glossy pendant shade hangs in circular harmony with the round dining table beneath it. Subtle green dining chairs bring in a little of the natural shades from beyond the window pane.

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Slithers of natural light peek through a series of wooden shutter in this long room.

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Dark walls kill the light offered via large windows.

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Subtle side-lighting softens a harsh setting.

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