Cool Home Designs with Warm Accents

Cool Home Designs with Warm Accents

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Sunny accent colors add much needed warmth to these four crisp home designs situated in and around Kiev, Ukraine, created by talent at archiplastica. Bright statement furniture can prove a challenge when it comes to creating the right scheme in which to house it, but each room in this set of four apartments holds stark white walls and cool wood tones that form the perfect knocked back canvas.

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This countryside winter home is kitted out with a huge orange sectional sofa, the large swathe of zesty color is broken by black scatter cushions that tie in with two adjacent chairs. An expansive area rug has trails of the orange accent hue mixed evenly with a good dose of white to keep things looking fresh.

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When the contemporary letterbox fireplace is lit, the warm glow of the flames flicker in matching orange tone too.

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A Mihaylovskaya rental apartment is filled with sharp silhouettes, one of which is a punchy triangular accent chair.

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A neighboring wall has been painted up brightly as a matching feature.

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The sunshine colors pull the apartment scheme together, and look great when viewed from the mezzanine bedroom level; even the fruit bowl on the kitchen island countertop appears color coordinated.

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A subtle stripe of yellow in the bedroom continues the color story.

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The Goloseevo apartment also takes the accent color through to the sleep space, with an amber bed throw and side chair combo. A simple white bookcase and dark curtains complete the rest of the room, which allows the bolder pieces to shine.

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The Baccalaurean loft, a small flat in Komforttown, contains a series of curved walls throughout its living space where a cheerful ottoman sits in front of a sweeping entertainment column. The stand alone piece sings out against the rest of the monochrome decoration.

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