Couture House in Tel Aviv

Couture House in Tel Aviv

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Situated in one of Tel Avivs most sought after neighborhoods, Zahala, this interesting home is the work of renowned architect Oded Halaf. The generous sized property is made up of five bedrooms complete with en suite bathrooms, a home office, a cinema and games room, a wine cellar, and a maids suite.

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Inside the home, modern design elements culminate in striking effect, such as a suspended staircase with glass balustrade, and a multitude of contemporary lighting choices. In beautiful contrast, traditional pieces including distressed leather furniture and a grand stone fireplace with vintage fireplace screen balance out the modernity to create a homey feel.

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The kitchen area is kept sleek in this state of the art building, complete with smart technology, where a central kitchen island acts as a divider between the dining and cooking zones.

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Bar stools at one end of the bench allows casual diners to look out through large glazed doors and over the garden beyond.

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An al fresco dining area and barbeque/exterior kitchen makes use of the spacious garden, and creates a place to refuel when relaxing poolside.

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When visiting games rooms and home cinemas we often find a ‘man-den’ atmosphere, but an overly masculine aura has been avoided in this space by introducing a softly feminine embroidered couch and shimmering table, all situated over an antique Persian rug. A swathe of heavy curtains run the full length of the room to shield the hideaway from the sun when movie time comes around.

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Alternatively, movie time can be had on the flatscreen TV that has been integrated with the beech wood bedstead, perfect for lazy Sunday morning lie-ins.

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The bedroom has a relaxed stripped back look, where the bed blends with the blonde flooring and a run of mirrored closets go almost unnoticed. The main feature in this room is a curved architectural cove that has been highlighted with a strip of blue LED lighting, and is home to a softly stuffed couch.

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A large home aquarium adds a sense of serenity to the large living space.

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