Microsoft Co-founder and Billionaire Paul Allens New $27M Home

Microsoft Co-founder and Billionaire Paul Allens New $27M Home

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Take a stroll around the grounds and have a peek through the keyhole into a billionaire lifestyle, as we delve into the new home of Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. Pricey pads like this one prickle almost everyones interest, as they afford a kind of luxury that very few of us can buy, though this one maintains a rather understated elegance...

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The obligatory poolside patio stretches out from the house, with as much sun lounging room as any self respecting hotel provides to its sun worshiping holiday makers. Gardens sweep away on either side, providing a lush view from the waters edge.

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As you might expect from a business mans dwelling, the home office is huge. Accessories are kept simple, creating a quiet surrounding that is not distracting from the work at hand. A generous fireplace keeps the large proportioned room heated, the warmth slightly diffused by a clear glass fireplace screen.

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A long, ten place table provides enough seating either for large dinners or meetings. A raised fireplace allow the flickering flames to be enjoyed above table height.

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The bedroom is plush but plain, with another large open fireplace and garden views being the main focal points. A small lounge area provides a place to watch the built in television before bed.

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Beside the bathroom, a jacuzzi and steam room provide opportunities for relaxation after a long day of work, and a wall of uninterrupted glass allows the outdoors and sunshine inside.

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Twin bathroom basins could allow a double speed morning routine.

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The lounge area is cozy, with a casual dining zone close by.

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A secondary lounge is kept completely plain, except for one solitary piece of colorful wall art.

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The bathroom offers more glorious garden views.

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In the kitchen, work areas are marked out by low hanging pendant lights to provide task lighting over marble benches. Again, the color scheme is kept calm, this time with blonde wood cabinets and cream bar stools.

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