Futuristic Penthouse with Twin Toilets!

Futuristic Penthouse with Twin Toilets!

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This three level penthouse, designed by Latysheva Maria, is a futuristic masterpiece set within white walls, and a lot of cunning illumination; ceilings are cut away to reveal stark indoor skies and projection shows, and slithers of construction material are sliced out of walls and stairs to create letterboxes of light. Irregular alcoves house handy shelves, and a minimal yet luxurious bathroom houses two toilets...

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In the living room, a white sofa that would look at home in a spaceship swoops into position in front of a TV wall that has an integrated sound system and concealed media cabinets beneath the screen. The ceiling cutaway forges a path from the lounge area around to the kitchen and dining spaces, revealing an overhead river of light.

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Tiny splashes of color are present in scatter cushions on the sofa, and over on the dining table runner.

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Above the dining table, a sculptural light fitting gives the option of softer lighting whilst eating and entertaining.

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The stairwell climbs beneath the beam of a tubular waterfall effect light, as well as a glowing balustrade section, and stair riser strips.

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In the kitchen, all of the appliances, stores and tea making equipment are concealed behind a built-in run of tall sleek units.

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The central island is a smooth irregular shape with rounded corners, making it easy to move around.

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The shape seen in the design of the kitchen island is repeated in the children’s rooms, where the wall is carved away in an interesting architectural feature.

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The ceilings in the little ones rooms glow with fun flowers and star shapes. Sliding wardrobe doors become baby friendly artwork with the addition of wipe clean illustrations. Wrap around LED lighting chases away the shadows from every single corner, nook and cranny.

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A gorgeous extruded tile effect appears almost as a pixel maze in one of the bathrooms.

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In the master bathroom, a very ‘social’ approach is taken in the form of facing twin toilets!

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Even the kids bathroom conducts a lesson in communal toilets, where the walls are decorated in giraffe and grass decals, with matching jazzy green faucets.

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