Beautiful Home Offices Workspaces

Beautiful Home Offices  Workspaces

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In order to feed inspiration into the place where you most need to feel inspired, we have collected together these wonderful home offices and work spaces to get your creative juices flowing in your daily working life; forget that humdrum desk shoved in the corner of the spare room, were talking serious, spread-out work zones for those who really mean business!

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  • Designer: Portico Design
This home studio celebrates the users vocation, with a bespoke photography wall paper. You can find many companies online that now offer this service, just upload your image and dimensions and have it delivered to your home for personalized wow factor.

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  • Via: Elle Decor
Many people have an under-stair area that could be utilized as workspace, but wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a window with a view under there like this one?

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  • Visualizer: Zean

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At first glance this home office appears to be a large space, but when we see the view from behind the desk it becomes apparent that this room is of a modest size and that the magic comes from the oversized scale of the overhead dual pendant lights. This disregard for the rooms proportions when it comes to statement pieces is a great tip in how to achieve a feeling of opulence in any room of the house. By opting for a minimalist modern home office desk, these standout details are allowed to take center stage.

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  • Source: PBTeen
Metallic accents can add a hint of lux to the space. Check out our copper table lamp post for some beautiful pieces.

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If you haven’t a spare room in your home then an outbuilding can make a great home workplace. This one uses existing bits and pieces of furniture you might have already, such as a garden table as a desk and a futon as a contemplation chair.

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This amazing desk design would be perfect for multitasking or multi-users, depending on your needs. In this scenario, some spokes of the desk can be used for computer work, whilst the other side is free for unfurling plans.

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The industrial shelving creates a cool contrast against traditional wainscoting.

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The accent color in the room runs through matching red flex on the lights and power leads too; if you must to have your wires on show, then it can pay to go bright.

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