Bridge House: Home Across A Stream

Bridge House: Home Across A Stream

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For some people, the ultimate vacation retreat is a sprawling beach house in a balmy climate. But for true nature lovers, nothing compares to a cabin deep in the mountains where a whole family can relax next to a roaring fire while snow falls outside. This North Carolina cabin, nestled in the Great Smoky Mountains and designed by the team at Platt Architecture certainly fits the bill.

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The cabin itself actually spans a river, balancing atop heavy stone columns and giving unparalleled views of the surrounding forest.

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The house is situated high enough so as to accommodate the frozen winter trickle as well as the rushing springtime rapids.

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The architects have carved out room for the occupants to see, with windows at every opportunity, but some older tress are right up against the building, giving it a truly rustic feel.

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The interior is delightfully woodsy and welcoming. From exposed ceiling beams to hardwood floors and even wooden chandeliers, the outside forest is never far away.

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Of course, no cabin would be complete without a central fireplace for those cold winter nights. Ample, plush seating ensures every member of the family – or hunting party – has a comfortable place to rest.

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A sweeping spiral staircase in beautifully polished wood takes guests from the entrance on the ground floor to the upstairs living area and kitchen.

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Despite its remote location, the cabin’s kitchen has all the modern accouterments any gourmet chef could want and can serve as its own informal gathering place with a long breakfast bar area.

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Overall, this cabin offers the conveniences of a beautiful modern home all in a rustic, natural setting. It is a perfect place to forget the fast pace of modern life without giving up any comfort.

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