A Modern Taiwanese Apartment with a Funky Twist

A Modern Taiwanese Apartment with a Funky Twist

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While some modern design requires sweeping city views and expansive square footage to get its message across, this Taiwanese flat doesn’t require either. Using flexible partitions to separate distinct spaces without closing them off, Ganna Design has created a welcoming home with plenty of room to breathe. The eclectic décor gives huge bursts of creative personality without taking up precious space while carefully selected pieces work to harmonize both modern and classical elements.

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The kitchen is compact but has all the necessities as well as smooth, clean lines that make it an inviting place to prepare any meal. Geometric light fixtures are fun as well as flattering as they softly scatter wattage.

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The overall palette of the house is cool neutrals, but shocks of neon in the guest bathroom send a clear message that this modern design does not take itself too seriously. This mirror is a perfect example. Its traditional and elaborate shape finds a place in this apartment only when covered with a vibrant orange lacquer.

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The bedroom has a clear view of the Eames rocking chair, an always welcome addition to any modernist home. The view is framed by the aquamarine storage cabinet that draws attention from any angle and supplies the owners with copious amounts of storage.

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Though the master bathroom is not entire spacious itself, the addition of a wide picture window, looking out into the bedroom, lets in light and makes it feel much bigger. Modern fixtures add a calming and luxurious element.

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A pair of vintage trunks repurposed as tables give additional storage and a creative feel. The area rug, though a neutral color, brings in elements of nature in its rock pattern that mimics the bed of a flowing creek.

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