Vietnamese Visualizations with Commendable Concepts

Vietnamese Visualizations with Commendable Concepts

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The impression created by these visualizations from Vietnamese designer, Tuananh Eke, may not be that of overwhelming realism, but closer analysis of the images reveals considered concepts that blend interior philosophies and both Eastern and Western eras. Apart from a sense of classical sophistication brought on by the use of luxurious textiles and the presence of the occasional tiered chandelier, chase lounge or baby grand piano, what is immediately apparent in Ekes work is the element of repetition. Repetition is often misunderstood as something to be associated with stagnant design or an apparent lack of creativity, when it in fact, it has more to do with building a brand and creating a signature style. Not only does this concept of branding apply to the work of the designer, but translates to the creation of a cohesive individuality that reflects the inhabitant of the modern home.

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