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Bath Fittings  Accessories from Dornbracht

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The ritual architecture of bathrooms is a topic Dornbracht has spent years exploring. With a focus on an individuals need for routine and  ritual as well as for revitalization, the award-winning Dornbracht team creates a myriad of bath fitting and accessory collections to answer each of these needs. Their products are part technological wonder, part function rich and part beautiful aesthetic.  With ranges like the LULU with its glamorous elegance yet modern subtly and the Element Spa with every soul and body soothing element imaginable, youre sure to find a bathroom collection that speaks to your body and soul.

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A living wall filled with foliage, moss and fern fronds provides a natural focal point in this modern bathroom. A rainshower fixture is lighted dramatically from above.

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Gorgeous fuchsia occasional chairs and matching vanity add a glamorous feel to this modern bath.

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Brilliant patinaed copper highlights the shower floor and interior of the large soaking tub in this modern bathroom. Other warming elements come from the wood paneled walls and natural light streaming from skylights.

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A platform soaking tub and shower area beyond is joined with a simple vanity topped with square black vessel sink. The black of the sink balances the vertical pattern at the windows.

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A simple soaking tub boasts blocks of texture and tone in the wood tub surround and a gray dividing wall. A single black bowl set atop the wall adds drama.

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Brilliant yellow at the double sink vanity and floor below adds brilliant color and warmth to this bathrooms concrete floor and twin soaking tubs.

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A minimalist bathroom features a single lavatory sink made of natural wood and undefined shower area highlighted dramatically by natural light streaming from above.

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