1920s Tenant House Goes Swedish Modern

1920s Tenant House Goes Swedish Modern

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Architect Alexander White took this 1920s tenant house modern while staying true to its roots. He left the houses last century period features of large parade doors, soaring ceilings and eye-catching architectural details to anchor the rooms; while using a bold modern decor, with brilliant white walls and vivid pops of color, to bring each vibrantly to life in the most animated way. The renovated, fully equipped, kitchen is the work of Italian designer Ged Cucine. He kept the space subdued yet open, adding only a small dinette set off to one side. The bedrooms are simple and understated with minimal furnishings, but all feature one daring pop of color or bold patterned accent. This classic, and now hip, Â tenant house marries the best of two periods and two styles, for a vintage modern look we love.

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