Multi-Level Contemporary Apartment

Multi-Level Contemporary Apartment

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Taiwans WCH Studio boasts a portfolio filled with refreshingly unique modern and contemporary urban spaces we love. These city dwellings are atypical in their architectural dialogue and decor sensibilities. The apartment we feature here reflects all of this boutique firms capabilities with its utilization of light and height in a multi-level format with rooms spanning out from a central dynamic staircase of steel and glass.

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The staircase boasts a smoky glass railing framed in steel with display shelves in backdrop.

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The living room with office rests on the second level with other rooms above and below.

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A simple modern opaque globe fixture lights the stairwell from the ceiling of the third level.

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The living room is furnished with a multi-use sofa + console and a single round coffee table which allows the room’s architecture to prevail.

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Built-in bookshelves of differing widths and shapes act as a dividing wall between staircase and living area.

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This living and dining space view shows the long hallway behind a smoky glass wall leading to the staircase beyond.

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The long hallway stretches the length of the living and dining spaces and is enclosed by a smoky glass wall.

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Pretty sure one of the residents is a batman fan. Check out the batpods!

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The master bedroom is designed with many notable architectural elements: the curved built-in closet, suspended dividing wall and fixed cabinetry.

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A guest room is fitted with a built-in desk unit with cabinets and adjoining twin bed. all decorated in white and grey tones.

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The sunken bathroom boasts rich organic walls and round shaped basin with single bulb fixture above.

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