Dynamic Modern Designs From Igor Sirotov

Dynamic Modern Designs From Igor Sirotov

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Ukrainian architectural and interior design visualizer, Igor Sirotov, caught our eye with his unique modern and contemporary spaces. The four houses featured here span the spectrum of style and coloring. Some are warm and inviting while others are cool and calculating, each imbuing a different sense of what home means to each of us. View more of Sirotovs work on his Facebook page.

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This grey modern living space might feel a bit colder and harsher if not for the ample natural light.

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Hard-edged architecture is coupled with concrete walls for a masculine decor.

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The master bedroom features a dramatic black and white decor with a few in between greys. A swing arm lamp adds another touch of drama.

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The master bathroom boasts walls and floors of dramatic marble in black, white and grey.

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A stunning floor to ceiling bookshelf spans the wall behind an old service staircase suspended from the second story above.

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An industrial living space boasts a modern sculptured light fixture which hangs proudly above a relaxed sitting area below.

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Black bar stools sit dramatically in front of a serene bar and custom cabinetry.

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An alternate view of the livings space looks into the kitchen beyond with no additional pops of color in sight.

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A innovative wood blocked wall creates a dynamic backdrop for a modern platform bed. Down lights warm the space flanking the bed.

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Bright lime lifts the mood of this modern residence along with soft whitewashed flooring and a canvas upholstered sectional.

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A welcoming, curvy modern sofa softens the space as it sits among hard-lined elements.

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This modern house’s interior is created from slabs of heavy concrete on the walls and floors. The lights recessed along the top of the wall add much needed warmth to the space.

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A green glass wall adds color and interest to same bedroom.

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A bedroom is fitted with an office area with a pop of color from a single teal blue chair.

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An unexpected dining area features cushions for sitting around a hearth and cook stove while a full dining table and chairs sit beyond in this outdoor living area.

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