Three Modern Apartments: A Trio of Stunning Spaces

Three Modern Apartments: A Trio of Stunning Spaces

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The three modern spaces we feature here are the work of Egyptian architect and CG artist, Mahmoud Keshta. Each of these urban dwelling visualizations feature quiet neutral palettes, innovative use of wood and texture, and layers upon layers of lighting. All tend to lend themselves to a more masculine repose with subtle hints of delicate elements throughout. Rich woods tend to reign and dominate the living areas on walls, ceilings and floors.

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Masculine furnishings and bold pattern dominate this large open apartment living space. Architectural elements on the walls and ceiling provide additional interest to the space.

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The contemporary bathroom provide an organic and serene experience with soft woods and natural stone elements.

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Minimalist photography serves as tasteful bathroom wall decor, well-suited to this small sophisticated space.

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Set for eight, this dining room offers ample space for an intimate meal with friends and family. Many built-in features such as a buffet and china cabinet give the space a luxurious appeal.

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This master bedroom boasts a dramatic use of rich wood that spans from the floor across the ceiling above the bed and onto the wall to the floor beyond.

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Recessed lighting affixed in a row of slatted openings illuminates the living space in this apartment.

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The exterior of an apartment duplex in Beirut is washed in white with fresh pops of green.

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