The Brilliant Design Work of Uglyanitsa Alexander

The Brilliant Design Work of Uglyanitsa Alexander

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From a mansion in Croatia on the Ariatic Sea to a pop art modern city loft, Russian designer Uglyanitsa Alexander displays a unique ability to successfully bring beautiful homes to life across all styles. Through his brilliant use of color, materials and all design elements as well as his intuitive interpretations of his clients ideal living spaces, he creates not merely a home, but a lifestyle environment. We share many of his fascinating designs below that will hopefully inspire you in your own interior design projects.

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A teen’s room is designed for them to enjoy now and well into the future. It boasts a desk with modern office chair, a loosely form sofa, and walls of brilliant sunflower yellow green.

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An eclectic living room combines casual materials of rattan with luxurious marble walls and expressive modern artwork.

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The ceiling application in the home’s indoor spa arches over the pool and is mimicked by the oval window overlooking the gardens. The map is cut from a sheet of brass.

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This Croatian mansion incorporates the strength of concrete softened by natural elements of rustic timber, knitted furnishings and scenic views of the countryside.

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