Interior Mastery by Marc Canut

Interior Mastery by Marc Canut

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This lounge visualization is bathed in natural light from the dual level design of the windows that draw the eye up to a mezzanine level.

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This run of bespoke cabinets gives a lengthy look to the walkway between the indoor space and a sundeck, whilst the continued floor material between two areas creates a seamless result.

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The generous proportions of this bedroom are maximized by the installation of a low lying platform bed to allow the view to flow unobstructed from one side to the next, and a frameless glazed wall to the descending stairwell.

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An ensuite bathroom and dressing area lies beyond a large sliding door

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The irregular shape of this bespoke desk quietly diminishes into the wall paneling.

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An oversized headboard acts as a dividing wall between the sleeping and dressing areas.

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This recessed cubby is a great stow away for bedside clutter.

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Banks of floor to ceiling kitchen cupboards are large enough to store overflow from the entire household. A series of swivel bar stools transform the island into a casual dining space for multipurpose appeal.

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This unusual bathroom treatment creates an intimate spa-like atmosphere.

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