Open Air Inspired Fireplaces

Open Air Inspired Fireplaces

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This burning collection of new age fireplaces by Planika Fires was imagined under Ayers Rock in Australia, the creators tell us The atmosphere created by the flames inspired the two (creators) to find an easy way to have the same fire in contemporary interiors. Their intention was to overcome the existing difficulties in the form of soot, ash and the need for a chimney. Heres what they came up with…

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A low level central fireplace is reminiscent of a cozy patio fire pit, evoking fresh air summertime memories of roasting marshmallows and late night story telling.

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Open fronted, open topped contemporary fireplace solutions look fabulous in the home of a young professional couple who love to entertain friends and colleagues, but if young children are part of your life then this design is definitely not for you.

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Freestanding fireplaces allow the transformation of lack luster room into an up market romantic hideaway.

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This open fronted letterbox fireplace conjures images of a Bond villain’s lair, where flames would leap at the mere presence of an evil protagonist!

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Fireplaces mounted high in the wall provide a flickering focal point that is high enough to be seen over the obstruction of a dining set or a high backed sofa, allowing the entire room to enjoy the glow.

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This pod-like piece provides a space age look, and is a softer option to typically hard-edged lines.

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A vase fireplace creates a welcoming light, though not ideal for colder climates with bleaker months that require a lot more winter warming, unless multiples are installed.

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