Colorful Punctuation

Colorful Punctuation

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This cheerful home design, rendered by Denis Khramov, is littered with colorful hits throughout its pure white decor. Carefully placed base notes of black ground the airy scheme whilst still keeping the overall look refreshing and youthful.

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Large edgy artwork adorns the gallery white walls, picking up on the homes colorful accessories, such as an extensive book collection and a rainbow of scatter cushions on the sofa.

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Storage is kept sleek, fitted right within the walls or kept at a low level so as not to complicate the relaxed flow of the living space. By keeping the furniture silhouettes simple and secondary, the bright color story is allowed to maintain it’s impact and primary status.

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The tableware has been carefully selected in the same blonde wood tones as the timber flooring throughout the apartment, rather than in the obvious riot of color found in the other accessories; this subtle decision is one that prevents the cheerful hues from appearing cluttered or childlike. Similarly, the artichoke light fitting over the dining table has been chosen for it’s texture rather than a color pop, so that it becomes something that your eye will eventually wander over rather than be distracted by.

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