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This selection of modern sofa designs comes to you from furniture suppliers BB Italia, with irregular outlines, rotating backrests and flexible sectional arrangements, you might just find something to suit.

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Black and bone are always a safe choice when it comes to interiors, a stripe can pep things up a bit.

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A color clash creates a visual impact in a room, you can do this in your furniture or if you’d prefer to play it safe perhaps try it out with your smaller home accessories first to avoid making an expensive mistake. Check out that gorgeous ottoman coffee table!

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Sofas work well when arranged in an L shape arrangement, which creates a cozy corner to cuddle up in at the end of the day.

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A deep cushioned ottoman could work smartly when used as a standalone piece elsewhere in a living room scheme.

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Adjustable backrests save on rearranging the throw cushions.

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Longer runs could create a waiting room effect so be careful with your layout.

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Sectional sofas allow for flexibility; if you ever get tired of your room layout you could always try dividing up the pieces to create a new feel by separating the seats into two facing runs, or utilizing single seats.

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Thanks to its daring curves and atomic orange color, this sofa would make a natural complement for a retro mid century modern coffee table – especially one of the many iconic designs that uses equally unconventional geometry.

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