Vivacious Polish Apartment

Vivacious Polish Apartment

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HomeDSGN recently covered this 969 square foot contemporary apartment in Warsaw designed by Polish architectural firm Widawscy Studio Architektury. With imaginative open plan layout bursting with cheerful color pops and unusual furniture selections, this house tour will brighten your day!

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Even brighter than the daylight that bathes this home, the décor shines with cleverly clashing color combinations that just can’t help but make you smile.

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The home has clear zones for the hallway, kitchen, lounge and workspace, whilst still allowing the opportunity to spend time together as a family whilst in these different areas. This ‘merged’ concept was a basic purpose of the investors, to span a living area through one open interior would give the home dwellers a feeling of unity yet freedom to develop into a field of different activities: chatting, working, playtime, cooking, relaxation or entertaining guests.

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Against a predominantly white backdrop, a trail of comprehensive color dapples the interior in various forms and functions; for example, in the kitchen we see a yellow wall cabinet that follows on the yellow interior of a bookcase and the throw rug in the living room, along with other scattered accessories.

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This home utilizes quirky wall treatments to really create a buzz, such as the dominant stripes of the lounge wall, and the typographical wallpaper-specially designed for this home-that backs the kitchen.

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Even the bathroom does not escape a zesty color splash!

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