Travel Themed Bedroom for Seasoned Explorers

Travel Themed Bedroom for Seasoned Explorers

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These masculine bedroom visualizations, from Viz Art, have a very distinct hint of world traveler about them, peppered with maps and yacht sail-like geometry, boat souvenirs and ocean imagery, to make an experienced explorer feel right in their comfort zone.

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Wood clad walls give the generously proportioned room a cozy cabin feel, reminiscent of times gone by whilst still remaining on trend with modern home interiors. Scattered soft light sources create an intimate atmosphere for lazy evenings plotting the next big adventure, whilst task lighting is available to shed a brighter light on the all important passport search and rescue mission.

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A canvas above the bed holds an action shot of a yacht on the waves, to sail who rests below off to dreamland.

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This room has been split into two parts with a half partition wall and retractable doors, to allow the space to flow as one large area, or section off the home office area once the transport arrangements and itinerary for upcoming excursions are all done and dusted.

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A map mural behind the desk space provides a constant reminder of all the destinations yet to discover, and all the places that teem with fond memories of trips gone by.

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