Mexican Beauty, Casa Almare

Mexican Beauty, Casa Almare

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This property is for those who thrive on the power of the ocean; for those who love every wave, frothy spray and salty breath of the seaside, Casa Almare by Elías Rizo Arquitectos not only looks out over the sprawling deep blue sea but models every view point to see only the water, creating an overwhelming feeling that the home floats or hovers miles from land.

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Located in Mexico, on one of the most stunning beaches of Jalisco, this wondrous example of contemporary architecture is designed to include a cantilevered viewing jetty that appears to extend impossibly over the swirling bay below. A lap pool also lies precariously close to a sheer edge over the ocean scene, flanked by barely there glass balustrade along the sun deck.

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A variety of modern outdoor chairs provide seating for every occasion. Curl up with a good book in the round daybeds, bask on the reclining sun lounges, or enjoy drinks with friends at the dining table.

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Glass walls form the perimeter of the property, allowing the watery panorama to seep in through every angle, even into an open shower room, where there is no worry of neighbors glancing in.

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Drift wood furniture continues the beach theme into the interior design.

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A romantic bedroom scheme greets you with a fairytale of a four-poster bed, complete with soft flowing drapes and fresh white bed linen. A cowhide rug spans the floor space to create a little warmth underfoot, amidst the cool marble floor.

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