London Loft House Renovation

London Loft House Renovation

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The renovation of the London loft house that was mapped out in these slick visualizations, by studio PressEnter Design, features crisp interior styling bathed in soft light, and filled with natural tones.

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The brief was to revitalize an old industrial space into a warm and inviting private apartment, complete with modern décor. The firm achieved successful results by mixing smooth beech wood floors against textured gray walls, and interspersing with the warmth of modern wood paneling. The contrast devised by the designers creates a striking finish with plenty of interest as you move from one area to the next.

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Glass doors allow a corridor of light to flow unobstructed throughout the kitchen, dining room, living room, hall, office and bedroom.

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Fitted shelves flank the walls of several areas in the home, including the bedroom, where books appear to take precedence over anything else, including clothes and accessories; twin bedsides hold simple black reading lamps to illuminate all of that bedtime reading material.

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In the bathroom, grey grained wood compliments an architectural concrete finish, freshened by white sanitary ware which results in a hardened look, but the rest of the apartment in softened by curvaceous modern furniture and woolen area rugs.

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Loft interior BEFORE…

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Loft interior AFTER

Take a look at the 3D visualization by PressEnter Design:

Watch the video: London Loft House Renovation (August 2022).