Beautiful Designs by Svetlana Nezus

Beautiful Designs by Svetlana Nezus

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These exquisite home design concepts come to us courtesy of architectural visualizer, Svetlana Nezus. If you are looking for a menagerie of great styles to set your creative juices flowing throughout the home, then this is the place for you.

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A dual level home library is the thing of dreams for the bookworms amongst us! Long runs of bespoke shelving house an extensive collection, with a desk providing a study area upstairs, whilst a modern L shaped sofa gives opportunity for long lounging reading sessions below.

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Nezus’s traditional bedroom designs are full of character, drawing special attention to chunky ceiling beams and architectural features. Ornate furniture and lighting fixtures add a delicate note over the heavy backdrop, with pale wall colors allowing the pieces to stand out.

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More modern sleep spaces appear playful, in cheerfully checkered soft furnishings or bold stripes across bedclothes, headboards, and adorable occasional seating areas. Colorful artwork decorates light walls, bringing moments of intrigue and fun.

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A dining room plays across the border of traditional and contemporary for a more eclectic look, using shiny chrome pendants over a curvaceous French 19th Century Louis XVI style dining set.

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Japanese styling brings a bold red and black pallet, and strong angular lines to a room scheme.

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A stunning mosaic tile arrangement creates an art wall in this bathroom that would look just as splendid anywhere else in the home, or indeed the gallery.

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