Chilled Out Contemporary Living Rooms

Chilled Out Contemporary Living Rooms

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For a blast of cool contempo style inspiration for your living space, these visualizations display laid back luxury, strong modern artwork choices, and clear cut color schemes to transform your home into a trendsetter.

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Via Kalando81
Here we’re looking at décor with a slightly industrial edge, or a subtly masculine air about it, where plain robust fabrics rule on furniture with metal detailing, surrounded by interesting worldly knickknacks and extensive book collections.

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Via DMR Designs
These layouts favor hard floorings of tile or wood, which help to bounce light around the room, softened only by understated scatter rugs and muted drapes that let the modern lines of designer seating take centre stage. The Arne Jacobsen Egg chair acts as the accent chair here.

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The lighting feature selections are kept sharp and predominantly functional, with the exception of one or two more sculptural pieces, and pendant lights are hung in multiples for extra impact.

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Upholstery is selected in varying tones or in contrasting hues to avoid an overly matched up scheme, and instead creates the beginnings of a more eclectic space, where the finished look feels as though it may have evolved over time rather than being painstakingly planned down to the last minutely coordinated detail (even if it has!)

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