White Decor Dining Areas

White Decor Dining Areas

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A white palette is a versatile choice for any room of the home, and this selection of dining rooms are a great example of how to build upon a white base to create a stylish and interesting decor in which to entertain guests, or feed the family.

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With a predominantly blank color chart you can make a few bold choices to break the monotony; if your dining set is in your kitchen, then a vibrant splashback provides the perfect opportunity for a hit of color, or dapple more subtle hints around the room in zingy accessories or book collections.

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A light scheme benefits greatly from high contrasting black elements, consider making the leap to the other side of the spectrum with your choice of light shades, furniture or even a feature wall; chalkboard paint is a great idea for a kitchen diner, as it creates a fun zone to scribble recipes, the weeks family dinner menu, or shopping reminders.

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A deep brown-black dining suite provides a similar boost to a pale room, or if you have already purchased a lightly toned set, try adding dark cushions to your chairs and a matching runner to your table to embolden the look.

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