Contemporary Exteriors in Nature [Visualized]

Contemporary Exteriors in Nature [Visualized]

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This collection of exteriors shows highly contemporary architecture within nature rich surroundings.

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The box like architecture of these modern homes places heavy emphasis on straight man-made lines, which contrasts hugely with the organic lines of the natural surroundings. Foliage and flowers soften the look a little, cradling each building with a bed of greenery, but still they appear almost as viewing stations over the beauty, or a futuristic dwelling that floats several feet above a strange alien landscape.

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Other structures are in a more obvious empathy with their surroundings, not particularly in shape, but with obvious signs of green energy usage such as solar panels and wind turbines to provide power to the house with minimal detriment to the Earth.

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Via Avisgrafik
Other modern homes carve out their own perfect piece of the natural world with finely manicured lawns and stepping stones, pebbled patios and clever water features, but all enjoy the peaceful views via floor to ceiling windows for optimum viewing.

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