Ravishing Romanian Interior by Square One

Ravishing Romanian Interior by Square One

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This polished apartment interior in Bucharest, Romania, designed by Square One, is kitted out with rich toned bespoke furniture and pure white walls and floors, resulting in strong lines of cutting contrast.

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On the perimeter of the open plan living room, a bulkhead is cleverly disguised by wood cladding that tones in with the furniture, and is flanked by components of an entertainment unit to complete the illusion of uninterrupted space. An L shaped sofa hugs the room and subtly sections off a reading and games area with a low level barrier to allow the nook to remain part of the free flowing environment.

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The kitchen area is backed by mirrored panels to reflect the large windows on opposite side, bouncing light around the deeper part of the layout. An asymmetrical white extractor echoes the shape of the white Corian countertop that protrudes long past the kitchen cabinetry to provide a dining area, and a tiny touch of stylish whimsy, in the form of a glazed mini courtyard, sits right in the central island, forming an unusual splashback to the hob.

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A long basin, storage unit, and illuminated vanity mirror run parallel along one wall of the main bathroom, towards a frosted shower screen that is printed with intriguing scientific illustrations, which compliment the cool clinical feel of the decor.

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A vast walk-in closet is flanked with a dressing area, which frees up the bedroom space to be a simple scheme of relaxation.

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