Flintstones Style House In Malibu

Flintstones Style House In Malibu

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This house would have Fred Flintstone screaming Yabba-Dabba-Do! and calling for Wilma to come and admire the $3,500,000 landmark property; perched on remote headland in Malibu, the a one-of-a-kind retreat is a place of serene seclusion, yet is merely minutes from the beach below.

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American producer/actor Dick Clark has put his Flintstone-esque home on the market, a distinctive mountain abode settled on a staggering 22.89 acres of land, offering an amazing full rotation panorama of the Pacific Ocean, Channel Islands, Boney Mountains, Serrano Valley, and Los Angeles. The exceptional dwelling contains one bedroom, two bathrooms, a fully functioning caveman kitchen and Neolithic décor throughout.

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The interior of the Stone Age styled pad is linked to exterior beauty by way of large expanses of glass nestled in naturally irregular shaped surrounds, frameless and organic in appearance, through which the tantalising views of sea and mountain can be absorbed.

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The cavernous living and dining room houses a cozy seating area around a wood burning fireplace with a nearby home bar, an intimate setting which is enhanced by the interesting vaulted ceilings overhead.

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Wondering how the views from this house would look? Don’t.

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