Rendered Minimalist Spaces by Rafael Reis

Rendered Minimalist Spaces by Rafael Reis

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These clean renders by Rafael Reis show minimalist designs where the contents of the home blend with the surroundings, with palettes of pale neutrals only giving way to a few select accessories. The CGI layouts show wide open plan spaces that are bathed in light by huge floor to ceiling windows, with views of the city beyond.

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The furniture is kept simple and functional, and a series of concrete block walls brings a utilitarian feel to the space.

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A leather recliner chair paired with footstool creates a zone in which relax with a choice from the vast book collection from the bank of extensive floating shelves.

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The casually arranged personal items prevent the place from appearing over staged and instead creates a pleasant lived in look, whilst the glow from the concealed strip lighting gives the large space a feeling of warmth.

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Glossy finishes add to the contemporary luxury in this sophisticated room.

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Islands of comfort are created with huge rugs.

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A monochrome look gives this kitchen strong lines, so the dining area and over table lighting have been kept simple to prevent the two areas from clashing.

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