A Majestic Mansion With Unique Rooftop Pool In Peru

A Majestic Mansion With Unique Rooftop Pool In Peru

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Welcome to the Casa Equis, designed by Barclay Crousse Architecture, located at La Escondida Beach, province of Cañete, Peru.The Barclay Crousse team began by envisaging a plain mass on the 174 square meter area, defined only by building regulations, then began to chip away at the block piece by piece. The subtractive approach, opposed to a typical constructive logic, was used throughout the project, resulting in smooth transitions between inner and outdoor spaces. The geographical characteristics and climatic conditions of the Peruvian coast influenced the visualization of the structure, contributing an open staircase that follows the natural topography of the plot from terrace to a bedroom below, and the sandy colored exterior that disguises visual aging of the building as it inevitably collects desert dust. The splashes of hot pink bring a modern hit to the buildings pre-Columbian color and add an element of fun to an otherwise plain box.The architects aimed to create an intimacy within the dwelling, despite the infinite desert landscape beyond, but without denying the Peruvian landscape either. The lines between indoor and outdoor are uninterrupted by frameless retractable glass walls, and the house hosts a large beach like terrace complete with a suspended pool which extends towards the ocean.

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