The New Stuttgart City Library

The New Stuttgart City Library

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How often do you read? Of course, were not talking about our articles, because we are sure you love to go through those, we are talking about physical(read non electronic) books. Books you can lend from a library, take home, snuggle in a warm blanket and lose yourself in some quality spent time with your book. Well, no matter how much you read, we are sure you would read a lot more if you had a library like this in your city. Stuttgart City Library just opened its doors last week, and caused a lot of hype - not only amongst those avid book lovers from Stuttgart, but also amongst ones who love architecture and design. You see, this library isnt the average public building you come across everyday.Designed by architect Eun Young Yi, this city library looks like a complicated two color Rubiks cube puzzle from the outside! But step in and you will be surprised at its simplicity.

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