Tasteful Living Spaces

Tasteful Living Spaces

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Weve encountered these wonderful images on Viz-Art blog, written by a Russian architect under the nickname Boom named Artem Evstigneev (Artem just popped in by the comments, so we now know his real name!). The style of his interior designing is quite recognizable - even after only glancing over a few of the pictures, you begin to see the pattern of his work. Not in a way that he repeats himself, of course, its just as if he has a theme which he profoundly pulls through each of his works seen on these photos.He has created warm spaces with lots of light that ooze with luxury. In the first series of photos, the living area is combined with the kitchen and dining area, but in a way that none of the mentioned areas conflict. Considering the fact that the room is elongated, narrow, with not much width, it is equally divided into three sections - the kichen/dining area, media area and reading area.

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