Modern, Colorful Bedrooms

Modern, Colorful Bedrooms

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We might share our homes with others, but the bedroom is still considered a personal sanctuary. It is a place that we can decorate to our very own liking, where we may preserve trinkets and souvenirs dear to our hearts, where we can hang beloved portraits, and where we seek refuge when we need some peace from the outside world. The following modern bedrooms represent different personalities, colors, and flairs. We hope our readers find a bit of themselves in some of these. Or at the very least, pick up a few ideas for their own private sanctuaries along the way…

by Ivailo


By Johnny Young

By Gorge Bergman

Check out this super-mod bedroom by Red Brent , with its glittery shag rug and matching wall panels. We like the metallic details and the two paintings above the bed.

This dark bedroom by Nightreelf is lit up by blue lights and hanging strobe lights, which give it an outer-space quality. The bold graphic prints on the curtains and bedspread give it a heavy, moody appearance.

by HePe Design

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