House with Pool Renders

House with Pool Renders

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3D Visualization hub Evermotion holds contests once in a while where talented designers around the globe pit their 3d rendering prowess. A while back we featured one such contest where designers rendered out library concepts. Here are the results of yet another one of these challenges. Here the designers were given a base 3D model of a house and were asked to come up with a finished render of the house and surroundings. They were free to set their own choice of mood and tone to the scene. As you can see this has produced some interesting results with the styles ranging from heavily industrial to antique and tranquil.

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This was the winning design created by Mia Sani. The scene set here is very industrial. The pool is the highlight here with rocks covering the bottom, and metal lights lining it.

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This rendering placed second, and is almost Japanese-style with stepping stones in the pool, a cherry blossom tree blowing its petals across it, and an alcove deck one can tuck away into. Design by Jan Drozdiak.

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This white stone setting, reminiscent of Mediterranean style homes, has an infinity pool that practically spills out into the surrounding beach.

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The light colored wood panels of this deck bring out the blue in the pool and refine the house.

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This concept gives the house a mid-century modern feel. It seems autumn has already arrived and dressed the deck with dried leaves.

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This one has a bit more of a nautical vibe, and suggests it to be a house nearby a beach.

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House by a lake!

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3rd price winner István Vastag has given this house an aged look. It is also complemented by a lake in its front yard. The small deck and floating lights offer a romantic, tranquil vibe.

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This cement house, set in the valley of a mountainside, mimics the environment around it by combining rocks and plants in its structure and even on its pool.

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