Modern Living Rooms

Modern Living Rooms

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Would you like to spice up and modernize your living room? The following images of some luxurious and unique, modern living rooms, may give you some ideas for your own space...

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A streamlined living room with wooden paneled walls and dark furniture.

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This room is equal parts soothing and relaxing, equal parts funky, with its overwhelming use of grey, but with spurts of red in the carpet and light fixture.

  • 3 |
The rich, chocolate leather upholstery here mimcs the dark brown of the walls and oozes indulgence, refinment, and elegance.

  • 4 |
A small space can still be furnished nicely with a lot of white, bursts of color here and there, and moderatly sized and wisely arranged furniture.

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This luxurious penthouse apartment melds the glamour of white marble and dramatic windows with modern, simple furniture and a shaggy rug.

  • 6 |
The cement and wood here surprisingly complement each other nicely.

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If you like monochromatic, this modern, nearly all white living room may be a good option for you.

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The funkiness of this white, red, and black living area will appeal to a truly unique taste in both the traditional and modern.

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The pops of red offer life to the black and white dynamics of this living area, and the black and white checkerboard plays nicely alongside the black and white floral graphic print on the walls.

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