Skypes Stockholm Office Sparks with Contrast

Skypes Stockholm Office Sparks with Contrast

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You may already be familiar with Skypes US offices, which we featured a while back, but have you seen their Stockholm digs yet? Working for a tech company such as Skype, one would expect eclectic interiors. In the case of Skypes new Stockholm setup, the results dont disappoint. Colorful designs and fantastic murals line otherwise stark white walls. Comfortable furniture that one might associate more with gaming than telephony accompanies the rainbow approach. Spaces are arranged to serve the various means by which employees work. For instance, some work best with fewer people around; others work best when surrounded by a bustling group of colleagues. Even meeting rooms forgo the dreadful interrogation-room feel and appear in a variety of styles, shapes, colors, and ambiances, appealing to various parts of the creative mind. The kitchen feels like home, and even if there are what appear to be florescent light panels on eh ceilings, theyre placed in quirky patterns or shaded by creative means to provide more ambient lighting. Skypes Stockhom offices were designed by pS Arkitektur, which offers interior and architectural design, planning, and lighting services from its Stockholm-based offices.

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