7 Valentines Day Gifts to Impress Your Sweetheart (And Improve Your Home!)

7 Valentines Day Gifts to Impress Your Sweetheart (And Improve Your Home!)

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With Valentine’s day round the corner, people around the world are thronging gift shops to buy just that perfect gift. We too went hand picking gifts for our dear ones and came across stuff which are unique and worth recommending.

1. Flower Vases

Travel back into the times when lovers fought for their lady-love. Truly classy and somewhat dramatic, this can be a subtle reminder for those who fought hard to be with the love of their lives.

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2. Pillow Covers

We call it tell-a-tale pillow covers. Perfect for those who stay together, these are not only funny but team it up with a plain simple white bed linen and you have a bed that will surely lure him straight to bed!

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3. Cups Tumblers

A couple that drinks coffee together, sticks together. Enjoy your first cuppa in a romantic style each morning.

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4. Framed Wall Prints

One can never go wrong with wall paintings. Caress the creative side of your loved one. These are ideal if your valentine is an artsy person.

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5. Bamboos Bonsais

It is a special feeling when you are gifting someone with something that lives and grows. Heart shaped bamboos and bonsais should be on the top of your list!

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6. Wall Decals

Write it on the walls! Let it be there, the love you feel for everyone to see. Use wall decals to convey your love, affection and care.

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7. Accessories and Curios

A cute innovative salt and pepper shaker that hugs! Gift this to your wife/girl friend and bring a smile on her face.

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