Classic and Retro Style Living Rooms

Classic and Retro Style Living Rooms

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Period rooms or reflections of them can be a real tricky venture because if not done wisely, can look tacky and gimmicky or unconvincing. The rooms below represent 3D conceptual spaces from an older era. Though the furniture may not be true to any particular period they’re going for there is no denying the traditional charm in each of them. The designers of these classic and retro style living rooms have added a touch of modernity by mixing contemporary with antique furniture or using a trendy color scheme or pattern that makes them super alluring.

One look at this image and you would feel the 50’s are back with contrasting colors and style! designed by hai tharr

Chrome creates a retro feeling in this space created by Thiago Marcondes. The mid century modern sofa and chairs are inspired by Le Corbusier designs.

Classic style chandelier and wallpaper pattern are made modern… Conceived by Sascha

Contemporary earth tones dominate this classically designed room by HePe Design

This Concept by raaab reflects the 70’s monochromatic schemes with a touch of modern classic furniture.

Using Louis XVI style chairs in a hallway created by Polygon Eater

This room is pushing 70’s retro with its marble floors and mauve accents. Designed by Johnny Young

This room looks modern classic because of the blue lampshade chandelier, and black accent wall. Designed by HePe Design

The miss matched patterns on the chairs and floor are typical of retro style rooms…Designed by Nyoman Winaya

A very red classic room via.

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