Glass Facade Reveals Architecturally Sculpted Home

Glass Facade Reveals Architecturally Sculpted Home

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This urban modern house was designed by Bassam el Okeily and Karla Menten in Bilzen, Belgium. The architects did an amazing job bringing a transparent mysteriousness to the facade of this home which is made entirely of glass and behind it layered and protruding angles, cut outs for the two balconies. Their philosophy is rooted with the concept of suspending time to strip environments down and appreciate the beauty of simplicity. This idea is translated with the abstract image of broken mirror pieces paused in mid-air. Pretty deep stuff! And the result is a sculptural masterpiece behind a home front that created an ultra modern and moody statement by the multi-colored lighting scheme and peek-a-boo effect from the street. I guess we simpletons can think of it as a grand foyer, or simply an artistic distraction on an otherwise normal residential street! Also we aren’t completely sure what percentage of rooms in this house allow its residents some sort of privacy, but looking at some of the interior images we wouldn’t get too worried.

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