A House Among Trees and With a Stunning View

A House Among Trees and With a Stunning View

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If you’ve ever fantasized about living in a perfectly transparent house on a mountain cliff with breathtaking views and where prancing around in your birthday suit couldn’t possibly be a sin, you are in for a treat. Alberto Campo Baeza is a distinguished Spanish architect who is universally respected for the stunning buildings he creates, the plethora of books he has published, and the endless accolades he has received. Not to mention that in 2008 he single-handedly inspired the dreamiest cavernous cabin in the woods of Hudson Valley, NY with a view to die for…

This two story home, currently resembling a glass sandwich (but maybe I’m just hungry,) is holding up its flat Travertine Roof by 10 cylindrical steel pillars and enclosed by glass exterior walls. The level below is beautifully sheltered and made solely of cement.

A walk through the back yard takes you through a lush garden and into what Alberto Campo Baeza calls “the cement box,” where an underground gallery, private bedrooms and baths await.

What an amazing view from the living room of the house!!

The bright contrast of colors bring a ton of flavor into this dining room.

This looks like the perfect spot to curl up and read a book, with a beautiful forest behind you for extra cushioning…

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