IKEA 2011 Catalog

IKEA 2011 Catalog

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These days one could be forgiven for believing IKEA is to furniture what Apple is to tech. The secretive nature of the two companies, the massive fan following, the hype around new product announcements, the similarities are striking. And here is the latest bit of evidence that just seals the case: controlled media leaks. To hike up interest for their 2011 catalog release, IKEA has been pitching several blogs sneak peaks of their new product ranges for the coming year. The full pdf is not out yet but the version they are handing out includes pictures and videos that show off the usual IKEA-wesomenes.

We will play along, IKEA! :)

UPDATE: The full version of IKEA 2011 catalog is out now! Go here to view it: IKEA 2011 catalog

The IKEA 2011 Showroom Video (If you are reading this through email, click here for viewing video)

We will keep you posted as and when the full catalog is published.

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