Recycled Home Decor

Recycled Home Decor

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Are you mulling over what to do with the waste in your house? We came across Recycleart, a very interesting website which has fun best ideas for making the best from waste. If you are looking for inspiration then take a look at the images below:

This little dragonfly is made up of things which you would, in any other circumstance, dispose off even without giving a second thought.

This colourful headboard made from book covers is artistic enough for you to make it a part of your bedroom!

Got a lone sock lying around? Well, worry not because it can be used to adorn in a way you have never imagined!

If you are a techie who has a junkyard full of primitive gadgets, get inspired by Echslectir’s mural art. Made from 785 5.25″, this pixel art calls for a standing ovation.

This one here by Heath Nash is an inspirational idea of transforming ‘other people’s rubbish’ into a much desired modern piece of art.

Take some idea from the image above and put the discarded lab stuff to some good use.

A wine lover fond of gardening, are you? This is what you can do with the empty wine bottles. Perhaps a discarded wine decanter would make a clever complementary vase to display nearby.

Still looking for innovations? Got a thing for stamp collection? Now is the time to get them out and make collages worth appreciating.

Some people have bizarre habits like collecting tickets. But it doesn’t sound so bizarre when it’s put to use this way!

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